Zeo Money - Earned Wages Access

Empowering employee financial well being with earned wage access.

My Role

In the Zeo Money project, I took on a crucial role, overseeing the entire design process from start to finish. I was responsible for crafting a cohesive user journey, ensuring that every touchpoint was well-designed and intuitive for users. This encompassed a range of elements, including the marketing website, the web-based enterprise dashboard for seamless integration with payroll software, and the employee app facilitating instant access to earned wages.

My primary focus was on creating a user-centric experience that would resonate with both employees and employers. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to understand the unique needs and pain points of our target audience. By empathizing with users, I was able to incorporate their feedback and preferences into the design, ensuring that the final product catered to their specific requirements.

For the marketing website, I aimed to create a visually appealing and informative platform that effectively communicated the benefits of Zeo Money. Through clear and concise messaging, I sought to showcase the application's features, emphasizing its hassle-free integration with payroll systems and the financial freedom it offered to employees.

My role in this project - owned design end to end covering all surface area of the user journey right from marketing website to web-based enterprise dashboard for integration with payroll software and the employee app which would allow employees to with their earned wages.

The employee app, being a critical touchpoint for users, required a user-friendly and intuitive design. I focused on simplifying the interface to allow employees to access their earned wages effortlessly. By implementing smart budgeting and expense tracking tools, I aimed to empower employees to manage their finances responsibly and make informed financial decisions. Throughout the design process, I emphasized the importance of financial education. I worked with subject matter experts to incorporate financial advisory tools and one-on-one sessions with certified professionals. This not only added value to the Zeo Money experience but also encouraged employees to adopt best practices and improve their financial well-being.

What does Zeo Money do?

Zeo Money is a financial application that provides employees with greater financial understanding and education, and access to their salary at no cost to the employer. The application offers instant access to earned salary at a nominal fee, smart budgeting and expense tracking tools to plan financially, and a free Zeo Money card for instant access to cash withdrawal and/or instant digital payments.
Zeo Money also provides financial educational tools and one-on-one advisory via CAs/CFAs. The application is a hassle-free employee benefit that seamlessly integrates with no impact on the payroll process. Zeo Money charges a small, fully transparent fee from the employee towards each salary drawdown, and there is no cost to the company for partnering with Zeo Money.
Zeo Money offers full flexibility to employees to manage their finances while offering educational and learning tools to promote best practices. The proprietary system integrates seamlessly with the payroll software, allowing the company to continue operating as if nothing had changed.

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