About Eshaan

Eshaan is a multi-startup product designer, who recently graduate from Cornell University where he studied Information Science, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction and Product Management. As a graduate student, he had the unique opportunity to work on exciting projects and contribute to the university's entrepreneurship and research communities as a VC Associate at Big Red Ventures and a Research Assistant in the Virtual Embodiment Lab.

With over 7 years of experience in product management and design, Eshaan has developed a strong track record of success in building innovative products across Fintech, AI/ML, Voice, and web3. He has successfully launched 5+ apps to 100M users in emerging markets, and he is known for his ability to lead with deep user empathy, first principles, and servant leadership. Eshaan's teammates have appreciated his skills for strong empathy, intuition, & action-orientation through consensus-building, communicating, and influencing.

Eshaan has had the privilege of working with early-stage founders in a variety of industries, including FinTech, Web3, and the Creator Economy. He has helped these founders conceptualize Go-To-Market strategies for their MVPs and create short-term product roadmaps that have supported their fundraising efforts.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Eshaan has a passion for promoting STEM education and entrepreneurship among young people. He has been fortunate to work with organizations like Pratham, CoderDojo, and MIT LaunchX Entrepreneurship Program to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation.

If you would like to know more about Eshaan's experience and expertise, please feel free to view his resumé or contact him for more information. He would be happy to discuss his background with you.


Here's a quick summary of what I'm doing and another addition to the NowNowNow Project.

  • Webform

    Enabling founders to invest in each other

  • Aphelion Defense

    Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game

  • Amazon Echo

    Predicting the next Echo Show release

  • Big Red Ventures

    Learning about Venture Capital and early-stage investing

  • Life Changing Labs

    Nurturing the entrepreneurial landspace at Cornell

  • Lego Builder

    Building a 3D Printer, but with Lego Blocks

  • Tata Cornell Institute

    Empowering farmer orgs in India


    Building a Decentralized Platform for Crypto Crowdfunding

  • Virtual Embodiment Lab

    Learning about VR in Healthcare and Accessibility


  • Indie Product Consultant

    Milieu & Co - Product Design Lead

    As a Lead Designer, I collaborated with early-stage founders in FinTech, Web3, and Creator Economy to establish and develop their design function. Together, we conceptualized minimum viable products and created short- and mid-term product roadmaps. To ensure timely product releases for fundraising efforts, I also worked closely with engineering, marketing, and business teams. By establishing standard operating procedures, we were able to achieve on-time product releases and raise venture capital.

  • Product Designer II

    Flipkart - Voice Conversational Assistant

    As a VUI (Voice User Interface) Designer, I led the design efforts for Voice Search, Flippi - Integrated Voice Assistant, Grocery Assistant, and Support Chatbot. Through my efforts, we were able to increase the Voice Search adoption rate from 29% to 38% in just six months. In addition, I reduced the bounce rate in the Grocery Assistant by 5%. In addition to this, I also designed a conversational Decision Assistant Chatbot and revamped the Support Chatbot. These efforts attracted over 10,000 monthly customers and resulted in a conversion uplift of 3 basis points in controlled trials.

  • Product Designer I → II

    Flipkart - Fintech & Payments

    I achieved significant successes in launching and scaling various financial products. One such example is spearheading the launch of a co-branded credit card program that witnessed the issuance of over 500,000 cards in the first six months. I took ownership of product design for several consumer finance products, including Pay Later, Advanz EMIs, and Advanz App. By implementing strategic design improvements, I was able to scale Pay Later to over one million approved users and increase its checkout adoption from 7% to 18%. To ensure that product development aligned with customer needs, I collaborated with product managers to prioritize product roadmaps. This included researching market opportunities, customer segmentation, value proposition, and creating marketing content to support the product vision.

  • Product Designer

    Playment - Design Systems

    I have successfully led the development of two impactful products. Firstly, I designed Jarvis, a powerful platform that streamlines data annotations, workforce monitoring, and project management. This product significantly reduced project setup time by approximately 25%, allowing for a more efficient workflow for the team. Secondly, I collaborated with engineering to build Pixel, a design system that improved the productivity of our designers by approximately 33%. This system enabled us to scale the coverage of our design system to three web-based products, ensuring consistency and a unified design language across our portfolio.

  • UX Designer


    We launched a revamped brand identity and our flagship product WorkSpace, which attracted 10+ new clients and over 100 independent professionals to our platform. As part of this effort, we also created a knowledge brand called Monochrome, and we're thrilled to see our community of active members grow to over 3,000. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to lead the UX design for several partner projects, including Paytm, Disprz, etc.

  • First Designer


    We achieved significant success in two key areas of our business. First, we revamped our consumer app, resulting in an impressive growth of our user base to over 30,000 users. Secondly, we designed and launched the Brisky Business analytics mobile app, which proved to be a game-changer for our business. We're delighted to share that the app grew to include over 60 paying clients.

  • Front-End Project Intern


    As part of our work with Vixlet and their high-profile clients such as Slipknot, MLB, ATP, and LFC Xtra, we designed and developed a web-based Business Analytics Dashboard. This powerful tool allowed us to visualize the data provided by Vixlet's social media applications and extract valuable insights to help our clients better understand their users and their needs. We also used predictive analysis to make sense of the vast amounts of training data available, which helped us identify patterns and trends that could inform our clients' strategies. By leveraging the power of data analytics, we were able to provide our clients with a more comprehensive understanding of their user base and improve their overall performance.

  • Front-end Development Intern

    Group M

    We had the opportunity to work on some exciting web development projects, including Dolby Digital's subscription service and Nestle's Start Healthy, Stay Healthy initiative.


  • Cornell University

    Master’s in Information Science

    Projects & Coursework: Digital Technology Immersion - Amazon Echo Show (PM) at SC Johnson College of Business; Research Assistant in The Virtual Embodiment Lab - VR in Healthcare and for Accessibility; Capstone Project with TISTA - Decentralized Platform for Crypto Crowdfunding; Tata Cornell Institute's FPO Platform for Computing and Global Development; Human-Computer Interaction Design; App Design and Prototyping using VueJS; Lego Builder for Rapid Prototyping​; Social Inequality using Data Science; Aphelion Defense for Advanced Topics in Computer Game Design

    Experiences: VC Associate at Big Red Ventures - due diligence for early-stage investing; Core Team Member at Life Changing Labs; Teaching Assistant for Information Science's Capstone Project

  • Pune University – PICT

    Bachlor's in Computer Engineering

    Projects & Coursework: Problem Solving with Gamification, Object Oriented & Multicore Programming, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Graphics - I & II, Data Mining Technology & Application, Cyber Security, etc

    Experiences: Front-End Project Intern at Vixlet. Front-End Development Intern at GroupM. Founded Spectro. Member of PICT IEEE Student Branch, ACM


  • Product Management
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Design Systems
  • Human Centered Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Processing
  • R Programming
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • Adobe Xd
  • Inkscape
  • SwiftUI
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Ardunio
  • Sketch
  • Tailwind
  • Git
  • Figma
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Jekyll
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Principle
  • Origami Studio
  • p5js


  • Coder Dojo

    STEM education

  • MIT LaunchX Entrepreneurship

    K-12 Startup Program

  • Door Step School


  • iSpirt

    Technology Think Tank

  • IEEE Student Branch

    PICT's IEEE Student Branch

  • ACM

    PICT's Technical Association

  • Emergency Design Collective

    Public Health

  • Sketch

    City Chapter Lead

  • Dribbble

    City Chapter Lead

  • Product Hunt

    City Chapter Lead

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