Learning about Netflix Studio

Learned more about Netflix Studio and their Studio/Content Engineering today. Most people know Netflix by its data-driven product design for its consumer-facing apps, but a lot more is also applied on HOW they create contents "from the initial pitch of an idea to the moment our members hit play". Here is their own words describing the mission:

“The task of composing a rich catalog of TV shows and movies that brings joy to all our members across the globe raises many critical questions. What kinds of titles should we license or produce? How much should we spend on a title? If we are going to produce a title, where should we film it and on what schedule? If a shot demands a sea of humanity, should we hire thousands of extras or should we lean on VFX? In what languages should we dub or subtitle a given title? How do we efficiently find technical glitches in footage, audio, and text before they make it to the audience? Finally, once we have a title ready, when should we launch it?

Answers to many of these questions are fundamentally human judgments. At Netflix we use data to support these decisions. We use a range of techniques that allow us to slice, dice and visualize data to drive insights as well as to model ambiguous problems into classification, regression and optimization frameworks.”

How fascinating.